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Turnbulls Academy of Cheese | Level Two


For those that have completed Level One, this course focusses on 75 new cheeses plus a significant progression in cheesemaking, affinage and the Academy’s classification MPM model. It will expand you knowledge and love of cheese into new areas

What You’ll Get

Study online with Charlie Turnbull and you get full access to the Academy of Cheese Level 2 learning programme PLUS on-demand videos for all modules, additional learning resources, live tutorials and free to attend masterclass tastings.

The Academy of Cheese Level 2 Programme

When you study for the Academy of Cheese Level 2 (Member) Accreditation with Turnbulls you achieve certification with the leading cheese school in the world, studied in over 70 counties. You will be learning with Charlie Turnbull, the first accredited Training Partners to teach at this level and still one of only four teaching worldwide. He was also part of the development team that wrote the course.

Academy of Cheese Level 2

Nine areas of study:

  1. Cheese tasting at Level 2
  2. The Level 2 Cheese Library
  3. Further knowledge of Cheesemaking
  4. Further knowledge of Affinage
  5. Buying & distribution
  6. Communication about cheese
  7. Presenting & Serving cheese
  8. Cheese industry knowledge
  9. Regulation & Good Practice

What the Academy provides for you

  • Academy learning materials
  • The Academy Delegates pack for download or purchase
  • The Level 2 exam
  • Recognised certification
  • 1 years subscription to the Academy of Cheese

Learning with Turnbulls

In addition to the Academy resources, we provide

  • 50 On-demand videos for each area study. each tutorial is 5-20 minutes long
  • For longer study modules, tutorials will be broken down into sections for more in depth explanation
  • Audio recordings of all the learning materials
  • Links to the Academy learning road material
  • Links to sample questions
  • Additional Turnbulls explanatory resources
  • The Turnbulls terminology, breeds and culture glossary

charlieturnbull.com also provides live events for you to attend

No other Study system gives this breadth of resources, choice and flexibility in cheese. You can study in your own time, in your preferred format – video, text or audio – and revisit the areas you need to focus on. We deliver so much more than both the Academy e-learning and zoom tutor sessions.

Who Should Get Certified?

Level Two has been designed for both those who simply enjoy cheese and those cheese industry professionals who wish to advance their learning and expertise.  

  • People who love and want to learn more about cheese
  • People starting or progressing a career in cheese
  • People working in retail such as farm shops, delicatessens
  • Wine lovers and professionals to want to know more about cheese to pair with wine
  • Sommeliers and restaurant team members looking to improve their skills and their customers’ experiences
  • Cheesemakers who need to expand their knowledge outside their specialist area
  • Chefs and caterers looking to balance their knowledge of chefing and cooking with skills in cheese
  • Food bloggers and influencers who want to broaden their appeal to their followers
  • Cheese buyers for multiple retail and food service


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Watch Charlie explain how milk varies across breeds and species

Alex & Simon Winton
Charlie has a huge genuine love and appreciation of all things ‘cheese’ – his depth of knowledge is huge and his enthusiasm knows no bounds……………
Cheese lovers
Gary Forshaw
I loved hearing about the history of the cheeses, I found it fascinating to hear about the different origins. I also loved learning about the making of the cheese and it is easy to forget the amount of work that goes into the process.

No other training provider makes learning so comprehensive, so enjoyable or so convenient, whether you are in the UK or any other country in the world.