5 Cheese Party

Host a Cheese and Wine Party Using International Cheese Expert and Judge Charlie Turnbull as Your guide

Event Information

Hosting cheese and wine parties in personal spaces such as your home, backyard garden, or rooftop terrace creates a fun, intimate and memorable experience for everyone involved. 

Here’s How:

• A Unique & Intimate Atmosphere: Personal spaces offer a cozy setting for guests to connect.

• A Relaxed Environment: Familiar settings allow guests to unwind without formality.

• A Variety of Settings: From living rooms to rooftops, each space adds its charm.

• Customization: Decor and seating arrangements can be tailored to personal tastes.

Customizable Events at Your Fingertips

Every component of the event, can be customized to your group’s needs. Charlie specializes in creating unique experiences including custom introductions, custom cheese and drink requests, as well as assisting in creating options according to dietary needs. 

Customize Your Wine and Cheese Events

No other training provider makes learning so comprehensive, so enjoyable or so convenient, whether you are in the UK or any other country in the world.