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My name is Charlie Turnbull. I am an international cheese judge, founding director of the Academy of Cheese, and have been talking about, selling and teaching cheese for two decades.

With the eyes of a cheese lover I have taken a new look at wine, cocktails, spirits and all the other accompaniments to the noble curd.

My Casselier events and courses present cheeses as we encounter them IRL – through recipes, cheeseboards, in bars and restaurants, at home with friends and family.

Sharing, talking, learning and tasting – it’s my pathway to enjoying life through the simple things.

Our Guide To Cheese Parties

What is a Charlie Turnbull cheese party? Cheese and wine are complicated. A cheese party brings the party to you. International cheese judge Charlie Turnbull provides 3 or 5 pairings for you to follow at home or wherever you are.

We provide a complete guide to finding your cheese and wine, how to prepare and present them, and video pairing guides for each pairing.

Broadcasting Charlie to your guests gives a unique opportunity to hear direct from an eloquent, enthusiastic cheese expert on the cheese and wine. A Charlie Turnbull cheese party is the most informed, enjoyable and affordable way to hold a cheese and wine party.

Who Needs A Cheese Party?

Everyone loves cheese. Groups we know know love cheese parties include:

  • families and friends in their own home
  • tasting events at wine shops and vineyards
  • corporate events for team building and celebrations
  • stag and hen parties
  • networking events

Anytime you need to get people to relax and start talking to each other, a guided cheese and wine party is perfect.

Out Of The Box – What You Get

We provide:

  • Cheese party portal: a dedicated party portal on your unique URL on www.charlieturnbull.com/YOUR_PARTY_NAME_HERE
  • Guides to What Is Cheese, What Is Wine and How To Pair Cheese With Wine
  • Guides To Sourcing Cheese and Wine: how to find the wines and cheese you need
  • Watch The Pairing videos: 4 minute videos from Charlie Turnbull on each cheese and wine pairing
  • A Learn More page for each pairings, giving a brief history and tasting notes for each drink and cheese
  • QR codes for your guests to login and access your cheese party portal

Sample Cheese Party

This party guide is a sample for you to see the depth and quality of our cheese parties. Try:

  • Zinfandel and Le Gruyere, from our Cheese and American Wines Party
  • Moscow Mule and Fresh Goats Curd, from our Cocktails and Cheese Party
  • Stilton and Port, from our Cheese and Wine Classics Party

If you fancy hosting a Charlie Turnbull Cheese Party, get in touch with us. You will love it!

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Welcome To The Cheese Party!