Academy of Cheese Courses: Information For Hosts

This page is to aid co-hosts of an Academy of Cheese Level 1 event in designing, preparation and marketing.

Academy of Cheese Level 1

The first level of the Academy training programme, Level 1, teaches cheese through 25 classic cheeses. Through cheesemaking, maturing cheese, presenting cheese and even the history of cheeses, Level 1 will expand your knowledge and love of cheese.

At Charlie’s training days, delegates enjoy a whole days tasting, learning and enjoying cheese. He covers the practical side of tasting cheese, brings detail to the more complicated materials, and gives an overview of the areas requiring self study.

Delegates unfirmly thoroughly enjoy the day, as tasting cheese and its provenance is at the heart of all topics and discussions.

Event Outline

The Academy Level 1 course is a day’s in-person course plus 4-6 hours of reading and an online exam. The programme is broken down into 9 chapters. On the day, Charlie will emphasise areas which benefit best learning in person and with other people. These include: tasting cheese, cheesemaking, classification of cheeses, presenting and serving cheese, and some cheese history. Other topics will be introduced briefly, and delegates can study them in their own time.

Some hosts prefer to see specific areas covered, such as more time tasting cheese or professional areas such as buying and distribution cheese. You can discuss this with Charlie to focus on what’s important to you.

The Academy of Cheese

The Academy of Cheese is the largest UK cheese teaching body, certifying both professionals and consumers in their cheese knowledge. The Academy is a not-for-profit organisation committed to increasing the world’s knowledge of and love of cheese.

The Academy of Cheese

The Academy of Cheese is the leading global cheese educational organisation, teaching students in over 80 countries.

Who Should Get Certified?

Learning about cheese is a jointly educational and enjoyable. The programme is both sociable and academic, and full of enthusiasm. As an Academy of Cheese course it is a Level 1 accredited, making this the perfect day for anybody with an interest in cheese.

People who would be interested in the Academy Level 1 would include:

  • People who just love cheese and want more pleasure from it
  • People who work with cheese as a profession
  • People starting or progressing a career in cheesemaking
  • People involved in promoting cheese
  • People working in farm shops, deli’s etc selling cheese
  • Wine lovers who want to know more about wine’s best friend

Tasting Cheese

As standard, we taste 12 of the 25 in Level 1 Cheese. Charlie will select 12 cheese to guide the day. If you have any cheeses you would particularly like to taste we can incorporate them.

[Note: The lists below are linked to the Academy of Cheese Library. You need to registered as an Academy Level 1 Delegate to access them].

Mozzarella di Bufala Campana PDOBrie de Meaux PDORoquefort PDO
Brillat -Savarin PGICamembert de Normandie PDOAged Gouda
Pecorino Sardo PDOCrottin de Chavignol PDOBlock Cheddar
Yorkshire Wensleydale PGILivarot PDOCloth-bound Cheddar
Cloth-bound CheshireÉpoisses PDOSmoked Cheddar
Blue Stilton PDOMorbier PDOMimolette
Gorgonzola PDOFeta PDOManchego PDO
Mozzarella di Bufala Campana PDOGoats CurdSingle Gloucester PDO
Parmigiano Reggiano PDO  

Customising Your Event

You can customise your event for your delegates or guests.

AttendeesNo minimum – up to 22 Each delegate will need to be registered with the Academy at £40ppPlease
– Give an indication of the number of people attending at the time of booking
– Provide names and email address for each delegate a minimum of two working days before the event
Length of ProgrammeIn-class, typically 5-7 hours
4-6 hours additional reading of the Academy Learning road
30 minute exam
Delegates have
Option: Select your hours of study
ExamMultiple choice online
– It is not invigilated
– It is open book. 
– Delegates can have support materials to hand
– 30 Questions
– Pass mark 24 (80%)
For most students there is plenty to time to complete the exam. People who have completed the learning road generally pass. 

Note: The Academy charges £25 to retakes the exam if a delegate fails  
Same Day ExamIt is possible to take the exam on the same day as the class. To achieve this the delegates will need to have read the Learning Road through in advance of the day.  

While this has been very effective, some people may not have read the material in advance. 

If you select this option, either they may fail the exam, or it may be necessary for them to follow up with the exam at a later date   
Option: Consider when you would like your team to take their exam
Pairing With Wine, Beer or Soft Drinks, Such As Apple Juice [Optional]Pair with a range of drinks for pairing* 

Optional**: Pairing with Wine(s), Beer(s)/Cider(s), Soft Drink(s)
Pairing With Food AccompanimentsPair with a range of suitable accompaniments such as chutneys, fruits or anti-pasti *

This section is not essential to passing their exam, but is a very enjoyable practical section for delegates
Optional**: Pairing with foods
Cheeseboard AssemblyCreate a cheeseboard, including with biscuits, breads and accompaniments*
Optional**: Cheeseboards and accompaniments provided
Delegates PackThe Academy provides a printed Delegates Pack, which includes
– Cheese Library
– Classification pamphlet
– Simple cheesemaking pamphlet
– Standards & Learning Outcomes (syllabus)
£15 per person

* These options are not essential to passing the exam, but are a very enjoyable practical section for delegates

** An extra charge applies to these elements

Summary of The Academy Level 1 Course

The Academy provides

  • Learning road: 9 Chapters of written material to read and learn
  • “Check Your Knowledge” tests for each chapter. These help delegates learn and prepare them for the exam
  • Delegates Pack: downloadable PDFs covering key areas of study, printed materials
  • The exam

Every delegate will get access through the Academy portal to the above.

Delegates also get:

  • Recognised certification on successful completion of the exam, including pin and certificate
  • 1 year’s subscription to the Academy of Cheese
  • Privileged access to Academy events
Nine Areas of Study:
  1. Cheese Tasting at Level 1
  2. The Level 1 Cheese Library of 25 Cheeses
  3. Milk & Cheesemaking
  4. Affinage
  5. Buying & Distribution
  6. Communication About Cheese
  7. Presenting & Serving Cheese
  8. Cheese Industry Knowledge
  9. Regulation & Good Practice

The Delegate’s Pack:

The Delegate’s pack is copyrighted material owned by the Academy of Cheese, and is available to Level 1 Delegates only. I can give you access as Host for a Level 1 event. Please do not share it these files.

Click for a sneak preview of the learning materials in the Delegates Pack:

Learning With Turnbulls

We provide a dedicated learning pathway on the charlieturnbull.com website. This portal gives you a study pathway that co-ordinates with your classroom studies, and provides all our workbooks, supporting materials and links to the relevant Academy materials for your journey.

Free Access To Turnbulls Level 1 Video Self-Study Programme

To support the study, delegates also get complimentary access to the charlieturnbull.com self-study programme:

  • 33 On-demand videos for each area study; each tutorial is 5-20 minutes long
  • For longer study modules, tutorials will be broken down into sections for more in depth explanation
  • Audio recordings of the complete learning road
  • Easy access links to the Academy learning road material and sample questions
  • Additional Turnbulls explanatory resources
  • Further charlieturnbull.com learning materials

No other study system gives this breadth of resources, choice and flexibility.

Resources To Promote Your Event

Charlie Turnbull Biography

Full Biography: Charlie Turnbull – biography – CharlieTurnbull.com

Charlie Turnbull, a leading UK cheese expert, spreads his love for cheese through teaching, judging, hosting and promotion. With a broad focus on fine food, he’s excelled in various projects, including running his own cheesemongers and bistro. Charlie’s expertise and engaging manner make him a sought-after representative in the cheese industry. Join him through his online courses, live events, and consultancy services.

Charlie Turnbull is a passionate cheese specialist dedicated to the art and science of cheese-making and appreciation. With over two decades of experience in the industry, he has honed his expertise in sourcing, tasting, and educating others about the myriad varieties of cheese. Charlie’s journey began with a deep-seated love for food and an insatiable curiosity about the intricacies of cheese production.

His career has seen him work closely with artisanal cheese-makers, fostering relationships that have allowed him to bring unique and high-quality cheeses to consumers. Through his website, www.charlieturnbull.com, Charlie shares his knowledge through informative articles, tasting notes, and curated selections of exceptional cheeses. He is committed to spreading awareness and appreciation for the rich diversity of cheeses from around the world, making him a trusted authority in the culinary community.

Charlie Turnbull is a seasoned cheese aficionado whose passion for all things dairy has propelled him to become a renowned cheese specialist. With over two decades of experience in the culinary world, Turnbull has established himself as a leading authority on cheese, celebrated for his expertise, palate, and dedication to promoting artisan products.

Born and raised in a small farm in the English countryside, Turnbull developed an early fascination with the culinary arts, inspired by his family’s love for homemade meals and locally sourced ingredients.

Charlie’s dedication to promoting artisanal cheese has earned him recognition and respect within the industry. He frequently collaborates with cheesemakers, farmers, and chefs, advocating for sustainable practices and the preservation of traditional cheese-making methods.

During his a career, he has helped found the Academy of Cheese, Judged cheese nationally and internationally, represented the World Cheese Awards, worked for food celebrities like Marco Pierre White and James Martin, taught cheese to professionals an consumers, runs his own cheesemongers and bistro, and developed an online wholesale market for small artisan businesses

His latest project, Casselier, develops an understanding in food and drink tasting and pairing. He has launched a programme of online tasting events for individuals and businesses to host tasting events with the confidence of an international cheese expert.

Today, Turnbull continues to indulge his love for cheese through his website, consultancy services, and public speaking engagements. Whether he’s hosting cheese tastings, judging competitions, or curating cheese boards for events, his mission remains the same: to share the joy and complexity of cheese while celebrating the craftsmanship of those who produce it.

No other training provider makes learning so comprehensive, so enjoyable or so convenient, whether you are in the UK or any other country in the world.