Masterclass: Fresh Goats’ Curd

What is Goats Curd

Goats Curd is a soft cheese with little or no processing after coagulation, draining and salting.

Examples of Goats Curd

Goats curd is very white, but may discolour as it ages with tints of yellow or grey.

Cheese Profile:

Taste ProfileTastesDairy FlavoursOther Flavours
Taste & FlavourHigh acid
Moderate sweet
Moderate salt
Low umami
Low bitter
Citric acid
Lemon, Grass, Goat
Allium, Vanilla, Farmyard
MouthfeelVery soft, compresses to a light paste in the mouth
DescriptionA matt white, fluffy or moussey looking cheese, slightly wet in appearance. The cheese are commonly but not exclusively shaped into logs, 10-20cm long, 4-8 cm in diameter

The texture of goats’ curd can be altered by ordinary kitchen practices, such as slicing, warming to room temperature, crumbling, rolling and massaging into a paste.

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