Planning a Cheese Tasting Event? 

There are cheeses on the board, wine (or something else) in the glasses – I’m sure it will be fine. A cheese tasting event is one of those events where the rolling between good company and easy food and drink is a natural as getting out of bed. Although possibly not the next morning.

None the less, there are some tips and tricks you can use to ease the pathway to event success.  You don’t want it to be good, you want it to be great (grater?).

I have been doing cheese for a long time, and let me say People are Different. No matter what I do there will always people who agree, and people who will disagree.  Don’t fight this. Give them some choices and get them chatting, let them find out what’s right for themselves, make them find their best and least favourite. 

We live in a multi-fromagural world.  Variety keeps people sharing, talking and laughing.

So buckle up and read on.

Event Tips

  1. Offer Varieties of Cheeses: When you offer a diverse selection of cheeses at your tasting event, you will have more fun. Go for different colours, shapes, milks, styles, hard to soft, white to blue.  Spread your bets.
  2. Food Pairings: Pairing works through strength, harmony and balance, through texture and contrast.  Offer pairing ideas like crackers, honey, fruits, meats, pickles, olives and nuts. It’s all about creating delicious combinations and ones you wouldn’t think would work
  3. Drinks: If you can have more than one drink at your event then go for it.  Like wine or juice? a white and red, and maybe add a port or sweet white wine if you can.  Mocktails if you want to make the extra effort for non-alcohol drinkers, but good quality apple juice works really well.  Obviously budget is an issue, but you won’t not regret it. 
  4. Palate Cleansers: Strong cheeses can overwhelm, just as excellent are mild cheeses, so put some punctuating palate cleansers on the board.  Wine works well, but plain bread, apples, grapes and water with a hint of lemon or lime are reliable mouth moppers. 
  5. Engage the Senses: Encourage guests to use all their senses! Slow them down – observe, smell, feel, and savour the textures and flavours of each cheese for the full immersive experience.
  6. Spark Conversation: Fostering lively discussions among guests with tasting notes during the event encourages guests to share their thoughts and preferences. It’s all about the cheese talk and each person experiences the flavours differently.
  7. Theatre: For your event, provide ample serving kit that create a welcoming ambiance.  Cheese-themed decorations, lighting, or music might be going too far, but hey, its your party.  I recommend Eurythmics Sweet Dreams are Made of Cheese.
  8. Check Diets: Not all cheese are vegetarian, and some people prefer pasteurised cheese especially pregnant and older people.  And put some non-cow’s milk in the mix as some people lean to sheep and goats.  Maybe even a vegan cheese? That will definitely get some chat going.  Everyone deserves something.

In Conclusion

Don’t forget it’s all about you…. The beauty of a cheeseboard is that once you’ve set up, you can have as much fun as everyone else.

Get ready to say cheese, have a party around a cheeseboard and create lasting memories! 🧀🎉 

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