Classic Cheeses & Wines Pairing Party [5 Pairings]


Charlie Turnbull's Cheese And Wine Pairing Party

Expert party hosting in tasting:

  • Sauvignon Blanc & Fresh Goats' Curd
  • Soave & Taleggio
  • Beaujolais & Gruyere
  • Pinot Noir & Brie
  • Port & Stilton

Let Charlie Turnbull guide you and your party through 5 classic cheeses and 5 classic wines, how to taste them and why they pair together.

Your pairings to discover and enjoy:

  1. Sauvignon Blanc & Fresh Goats’ Curd

  2. Soave & Taleggio

  3. Beaujolais & Gruyere

  4. Pinot Noir & Brie

  5. Port & Stilton

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    What’s Included In the Classic Cheese & Wine Party

    Pairing 1: Sauvignon Blanc & Fresh Goats’ Curd

    The oldest cheese in the world, fresh goats’ curd, paired with Sauvignon Blanc, bright and fresh with citrus and fresh apple notes.

    Pairing 2: Soave & Taleggio

    Soave, from the uniquely Italian Garganega grape, produced north of Venice, paired with Italy’s best washed rind cheese Taleggio from the Vale de Taleggio in Italian Alps.

    Pairing 3: Beaujolais & Gruyere

    Beaujolais, the hidden gem from south of Burgundy on the Rhone, matched to Gruyere, the classic alpine “Swiss” cheese with smooth rich satisfying sweet and savoury notes.

    Pairing 4: Pinot Noir & Brie

    The Californian classic Pinot Noir paired with gooey, earthy, mushroomy, ripe Brie.

    Pairing 5: Port & Stilton

    The global classic Stilton from England and Port from Portugal. A staple of fine dining since 1740.

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