13 September #cheese+wine – 2021 Beaujolais, Lou Perac, Ossau Iraty, Brebirousse

Welcome to #Cheese+Wine

Welcome to #Cheese+Wine with Charlie Turnbull. 


Ewes’ milk is widely used throughout Mediterranean Europe for great cheese such as pecorinos and manchegos. France however also has some classic sheep milk cheeses, beyond Roquefort, for us to explore. In this session we have –

  • Lou Perac – a Perail, an small old style soft ewe’s cheese from the Roquefort region using Lacuane breed milk (like Roquefort) and ripened in geotrichum.
  • Ossau Iraty AOP – a hard tomme style cheese from the Pyrenees and one of my all time favourites, this style has won the World Cheese Awards twice
  • Brebirousse – a very popular and uniquely made cheese using centrifuges to draw out the proteins and butterfats


To drink I have Beaujolais Villages Les Vignes de Lantignié, J-M Burgaud 2021, a gamay wine from the northern Rhone. This Beaujolais suits chilled drinking so I am experimenting with having it with these sheeps cheeses.

Wine notes:
  • An aromatic gamay with soft tannins and simple, refreshing red fruit notes
  • From the long standing Burgaud family in Lantigné
  • Lantigné is a classic region of Beaujolais-Villages
  • They use concrete tanks for maximum fruit expression

Wine sourced from the Wine Society

Tasting with Charlie Turnbull, cheese expert and enthusiastic wine user.

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