Charlie Turnbull’s Advent Calendar: Christmas Wine and Cheese Delights

Come Through my Mystical Doors of Cheese on a Taste Adventure

Hang on to your Christmas hats – this year we are doing something different and exciting in celebration of the season of being together and sharing! My Advent Calendar is a delightful journey that invites you to explore the world of fine wine and cheese pairings. 

We have 24 cheese pairings for you to dip into.  Be enthused, amused and bomboozed.

Each day of December brings a paring accompanied by my short video explaining and exploring each cheese and its tasting friend.  We will be revealing a wide selection of cheeses matched to wines, spirits and even chestnuts.

Let’s dive into the experience of exploring this advent calendar and discovering the wine and cheese delights it has to offer.

Which Cheeses?

24 different cheeses – in no particular order including:

Aged Gouda, Brie de Meaux, Brillat-Savarin, Cashel Blue, Comte, Epoisses, Gorgonzola, Lancashire, Manchego, Pecorino Toscano, Roquefort and Sour Cherries and Fresh Goats Cheese.

There are 12 more you’ll just have to wait for.

The calendar takes you on a flavourful adventure, introducing you to a diverse range of cheeses and wines from around the world.

Behind each compartment lies a unique wine and cheese pairing, expertly chosen by me.  From creamy and mild to bold and tangy, the cheeses behind the doors range from the finest craftsmanship and quality to good standards from your supermarket.

Our Accompaniments

The wines featured in the advent calendar cover a spectrum of styles, from crisp whites such as Soave to full-bodied pinot noirs, and much more in between. We have some classic spirits such as bourbon and rum to warm you up too.  Most of our doors will show drinks, but we have a few extra pairings to get you into the Christmas Spirit.

BE INSPIRED – How Can it Add to Your Christmas Season…

As you progress through the calendar, gather some friends or family for a quiet night in and pair some yourselves. 

It’s a Christmas game we can all enjoy. 

There will be pairings you like the sound of, some that seem challenging, and some you may already know.  Maybe you’ve always wanted to try a warm vacherin, add cheese to your apple pie, or would like to combine your love of rum and cheese.  Now’s the time to experiment!

This is your Christmas crash course in cheese pairing that you can’t help but enjoy. Observe the aromas, taste the flavors, and let the textures dance on your palate. Allow yourself to be transported to vineyards and dairies, immersing yourself in the rich history and traditions behind each cheese and wine selection.

By the end of the advent season, you will have expanded your knowledge and appreciation for the art of wine and cheese pairing. Taste along with the calendar, and you’ll have discovered new favourites, developed a more discerning palate, and gained a deeper understanding of the complexities and nuances of these culinary treasures.

Post Your Likes & Your Personal Favourites

Post them on your socials and let us know what are your favourite Christmas pairings.  Charlie is always eager to learn, see, and taste more.

It’s a Celebration

Charlie Turnbull’s advent calendar is a celebration of the pleasures of life: the joy of discovery, the indulgence of fine food and drink, and the shared moments of connection with loved ones.

So, embrace the spirit of exploration, unwrap each day’s wine and cheese delight, and immerse yourself in the delicious world that awaits.

Cheers to a season filled with wine, cheese, and delightful discoveries!

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