1 November #Cheese+Wine: 2021 Lavaux + C’est Bon, vintage Emmental & Zirben Konigan

Welcome to #CheesePlusWine

Welcome to #Cheese+Wine with Charlie Turnbull. 


This session is nothing clever, a cheeseboard everyone likes:

  • my go-to everyday blue cheese Montagnolo surprisingly from Germany
  • forever popular Welsh Snowdonia Cheddar
  • Anne Wigmore’s Waterloo, an English petit brie .


Our Guest Wine is a Swiss wine called 2021 Lavaux, from Villette Les Murets, Blaise Duboux. Again this is an example of white wine pairing beautifully with cheese. Most people would choose a red with gruyere or emmental, fondues and raclettes so expand your mind and find out for yourself.

Wine notes:
  • A light white herby, and grassy wine, green and flinty
  • Very refreshing, it pairs well with Swiss cheeses (2000 years of cheese and wine making cant be wrong)
  • Made from the fendant grape (also known as chasselas), typical of many Swiss wines
  • From Epesses near Lausanne

Taste with Charlie Turnbull, cheese expert and enthusiastic wine user.

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1st Nov

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